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The New Era
Of Gaming Experience In Iraq
A new Cloud gaming service that opens a world of possibilities
Blacknut service
Unlimited access to hundreds of games on all of your screens.
Blacknut is an online video game streaming service that gives you instant access to hundreds of games. With Blacknut, gaming is as easy as streaming video; one click and you’re in! With a monthly subscription, you have access to more than 600 games, multi-user profiles that can play simultaneously, and a game library accessible on all your screens.
shaks Products
More speed. More realistic Any place, Any time for your game.
SHAKS is a Wireless Gamepad Controller for Android, Windows, and iOS, Supporting Low latency performance with multi-device in easy connection, Powered by Qualcomm.
Achieve professionalism & competing against the best and reach the top.
TODOSGAMERS host and organize e-sport tournaments, offered in a unique space where thousands of players can find the competitive environment they are carving for and advance in the category by competing against the best.
oneplay service
Play any game you own directly on the platform
Play any game you own directly on the platform — without the need of owning a super gaming PC or hardware. With the Oneplay platform, you can run your favorite games without the hassle of owning any hardware and playing on any device of your choice Accessible and affordable gaming for everyone.
Our Partners
Partnering with industry leaders
WHy choose us
All Needs in One Click 100% cloud gaming experience
No need for
high-end hardware
No more downloads
& updates
Variety of Services
Mobile Experience
Now, any of your screens can be a game console. Play anywhere, any time - No need for a console - No games to buy - No installation
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